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Attestation Services

Attest My Document handles visa issuance related administrative and non-judgmental work for its client government. We provide services through our 75 offices worldwide. We are presently located in 22 countries across the globe. Attest My Document places utmost importance on providing both our client government and applicants a hassle free visa experience. For this we ensure standardization, efficiency, security and confidentiality in all our VACs. Attest My Document has put in place a Secured Service Layer (SSL) to ensure highest security standards and confidentiality in all our processes.

Since its inception Attest My Document Services Ltd. has provided multifarious services to various diplomatic missions in India and abroad including the Outsourcing, Collection, Processing and Submission of visa applications.

Attest My Document adopts a series of highly advanced, precise and streamlined procedures to ensure and maintain applicants' utmost security and confidentiality and to make their visa application experience effortless. This enables the diplomatic missions to focus on their core business area and expertise.

Certificate Attestation services

Personal Document

01. Birth Certificate Attestation
02. Death Certificate Attestation
03. Divorce Certificate Attestation
04. Experience/ Employment Certificate
05. Marriage Certificate Attestation
06. Medical Certificate Attestation

Educational Certification

01. B Engg. Certificate Attestation
02. M.Engg. Certificate Attestation
03. M. Ed Certificate Attestation
04. B Tech. Certificate Attestation
05. M. Tech Certificate Attestation
06. Degree Certificate Attestation


01. HRD/ Home Attestation
02. Embassy Attestation in India
03. Certificate Attestation for UAE
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05. Our Services
06. How to apply

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